Faith and Humanity medical missions exists to improve the lives of those living in impoverished communities in Honduras through humanitarian relief efforts.

Who we are:

Faith and Humanity Medical Missions (FHMM) is a 501(c)(3) organization based out of Idaho in the United States. We are a coalition of volunteers from many different walks of life and professions, unified by a purpose founded on unyielding compassion. Our purpose is simply stated, and yet highly complex. Demanding, yet utterly rewarding:

Faith and Humanity Medical Missions exists to improve the lives of those living in impoverished communities in Honduras through humanitarian relief efforts.

What we do:

FHMM coordinates and conducts humanitarian expeditions to Honduras consisting of medical and non-medical volunteers to provide the following services to children and adults in these communities:

1) Primary medical care

2) Dental care

3) Vision care

While FHMM primarily improves lives through the delivery of medical care, we understand that the health of a community is comprised of far more than individualized care given by a medical provider on one of our medical missions. We are always open to supporting and providing additional services based on the skills and talents of the volunteers on each expedition. In the past, these services have included providing equipment to children for games and activities, women’s health education, nutritional education, behavioral health, and building and water sanitation projects.

Beyond coordinating and conducting medical missions, FHMM provides additional support to impoverished communities by aiding Honduran medical providers year-round. This support includes training and mentoring in health services delivery as well as coordinating supply and equipment donations to Honduran medical providers from other charitable businesses and organizations within the United States.

Where we’re headed:

While many Honduran communities have experienced an increased quality of life due to the efforts of FHMM and our always expanding group of highly talented and passionate volunteers, we understand that these efforts are not a means to an end; medical missions are not the long-term, sustainable solution many Hondurans need. Our organization’s ultimate goal is to establish, support, and maintain a community health center in Honduras for the delivery of medical, spiritual, behavioral, vision, and dental care as well as the supplies and other resources necessary for an improved quality of life. Thankfully, with the incredible help and dedication of our in-country partners, this goal comes closer and closer to fruition each day.

When you donate your time, skills, or money to Faith and Humanity Medical Missions, you’re not just supporting our medical missions, you’re supporting a healthier future for the communities of Honduras. You are placing your faith in an organization that believes we can only make such a lasting, positive impact together; you are placing your faith… in humanity.

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